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$1,000 Sunday Give-Away

A total of $1,000 will be given to 2 customers every Sunday. The prize will be divided between our customers who visit our facility to do their own washing and drying, and those customers who elect to have us do their washing, drying, and folding for them. To be eligible, customers must have used at least 1 washer in the past week (that is, the 7-day period between the previous Monday and the Sunday of the drawing). Customers must also fill out an Official Entry form and place it in the box on the table in front of the Customer Service desk, no later than 7:45 PM on the Sunday of the drawing. Only customers who are physically present at the store on the day of the drawing are eligible to win. However, this requirement does not apply to customers who have us Wash, Dry and Fold their clothes for them.

At 8:00 PM every Sunday, we will pick 2 entry forms for each of the 5 groups of washers (grouped according to size). Therefore, we will have 10 finalists every Sunday. There will be 5 envelopes, with only 1 containing the prize check. The first finalist to pick the envelope with the prize check will be the winner for that week and the competition will end for that Sunday at that point. The finalist who used the biggest washer(s) will get to pick first. If 2 finalists used the same size washers, the customer who has spent the most in the 7-day period will be the first to pick.

There is no catch or gimmick associated with this giveaway. If the winner used our facility to wash on more than one day during the 7-day period, the prize money for that customer will double.

For those customers who elect to drop their clothes off for us to do the washing, drying, and folding for them, or those customers who elect to have us pick up their clothes and perform the washing, drying and folding for them, they too shall have a real chance of also winning $500 cash every Sunday. All that is required of those customers is for 1 of them to be the 20th customer for that day. For those customers, the cutoff time is 10:00 PM. In addition to getting a neat package of clean laundry delivered to them, they will receive an envelope with $500 cash.

All winners must be at least 18 years old and have a Laundry City laundrycard that is registered in his or her name. This card must have been used to start a washer at least once during the 7-day period.

There is no limit on how many machines a customer may use, or how often any one customer can win. However, a customer may not have more than 1 laundrycard registered in his or her name for this competition

By entering or agreeing to accept a prize/award from Laundry City, all winners and participants agree to have their picture/image appear on Laundry City’s website, or any promotional medium, without any royalty or compensation of any kind from Laundry City, now or in the future.

Laundry City reserves the right to discontinue this promotion or change the rules governing this promotion without any notice to our customers or the general public. The management of Laundry City shall be the final interpreters of all the rules governing this competition.

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