laundry city

5200 Moravia Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21206

Open 24 Hours

Adult Lounge, Quiet Area and Computer Room

Laundry City has dedicated approximately 500 square feet of space for our customer’s convenience. This space encompasses a luxuriously appointed adult lounge with dozens of comfortable leather chairs and stools. Customers can relax in this area with current copies of all the popular magazines to browse through.

We have also dedicated 2 separate Quiet Rooms within this space for customers who wish to be away from the crowd, or who wish to read or relax with their children, family, or friends. Each Quiet Room is equipped with a computer which is available for use free of charge by our customers.

Kid’s play area

At Laundry City, children are always welcome. We have dedicated over 300 square feet of kids friendly space for playing and gaming. Not only do we provide an array of popular toys, this area has its own TV that is tuned to kids-friendly channels 24-hours a day.

Our kids area is always clean and safe for all age children. We have incorporated tempered glass along the perimeter of this space so customers can always see inside the area while they use the washers & dryers.

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      5200 Moravia Rd.,
      Baltimore, MD 21206

      Phone: 443-627-8499
      Open: 24 hours a day/7 days a week

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