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We offer 3 types of Laundry Services

Our Hot Spot Service is reserved for those customers who wish for us to pick up their laundry and have our staff wash, dry and fold it for them and then return it within 24-36 hours. This is offered as a Subscription Service, or as an As Needed Service for the occasional users. Our Hot Spots locations are in dozens of towns all over Howard County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, Carroll County & Baltimore City.

Laundry City is your 1-stop shop for one-day pick up and delivery of your Dry Cleaning & Laundry needs. Each zip code has a minimum charge for this service. For example, if the minimum cost for your zip code is $30, and your dry cleaning items total $26, your cost will be $30. In other words, your final cost will be either the minimum cost for your zip code, or the total cost of your dry cleaning items - whichever is higher.

Our 365 Do-It Yourself In-Store Service is available to those customers who wish to come into our huge facilities to do their own laundry while taking advantage of all the amenities we offer. Our 365 Do-It Yourself In-Store Service also provides Free Shuttle Pick-up Service for Baltimore City customers who need a ride to our facility.