Home Cleanest & Most Spacious Facilities

Laundry City is known for having the largest and cleanest laundry facilities throughout Maryland and indeed all over the United States. We have won multiple awards and citations for the emphasis we place on maintaining spotless facilities every hour we are open. We have a unique policy of assigning at least one employee on each shift to focus solely on cleaning  

Customers love the huge open spaces we provide, as well as the quiet office areas built into all of our facilities for our customers and guests to do home work, study, read a book, or have meetings. 

Each of our stores is equipped with an abundance of seating areas for the convenience of our customers and guests. Our chairs are of well padded leather; our counters are built from high quality granite; the lights are very bright; and the floors are of the highest quality. 

Our bathrooms rival those of any 5-star luxury hotel. Women and men do not share the same bathrooms, and we provide lots of space so customers and guests will never feel cramped. Each bathroom is well lit with lots of mirrors and touchless faucets, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, and dryers. 

All of our facilities are 100% handicapp accessible and meet all building and fire department codes.