Home Free Drying

Laundry City was the first laundromat in Baltimore to provide free drying on all its machines. Now, in our 7th straight year of delighting customers with this incredible savings tool, we continue to get daily letters of appreciation from all over Maryland..

While other stores have tried to copy us, none has been able to offer free drying with the efficiency and professionalism that our customers experience at Laundry City. Every customer is guaranteed 30-60 minutes of free drying time with each washer used. Because of the advance features that make our Electrolux dryers get hotter faster than any other brand, most customers have come to realize that the 30-60 minutes of free drying are more than they will ever need. At Laundry City, the free minutes can be used in as many dryers as a customer elects to utilize. Not only is there no restrictions on which size dryers may be used; customers also have the option of adjusting the temperature to the level of their choice.